Desserts Heaven at Malad

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LSD – Love, Sugar & Dough! A place situated in Malad West!

Located in Evershine nagar, easy to locate via google maps and a good place to visit for some desserts

Starting with the Ambience : The interiors were pretty good enough, specially the beautiful decoration of many colours on the wall makes the outlet look more beautiful from inside.

They have a floor inside the outlet to sit and enjoy the desserts.
You can keep yourself engaged by the games like UNO, Monopoly, etc.
Quiet comfortable place to visit and enjoy some desserts.

Desseets I tried :
-> Red Velvet CheesecakeThis cheesecake was worth trying if you are cheesecake lover. It won’t disappoint you if you really love red velvet. If you dont like red velvet dont try as it’ll ruin the taste

-> Macaroons (4 different flavours i.e Lemon , Belgian Chocolate , CandyCane , Salted Caramel ) Those were some cute mini macaroons presented in different colors and taste. I loved the lemon as it was different from others as some contained chocolate while this contained some lemon flavours in it.

-> ChocoLava CakeThe taste of cake was delicious but as per the name the chocolate didn’t flow down while breaking the cake. Was disappointed with this dessert as i was eager to see the lava spreading out of the cake. The chocolate was of great taste.

-> Rainbow PastryIt was very attractive as per the name with many beautiful colors on it with a white cream on the top. It tasted like normal cake with different coloured breads and cream in between.

-> Mini CupcakesThe dessert for which LSD is most famous. Small sized cupcakes which were attractive, picture perfect, and tasty. I would strongly recommend you to try their OreoMG Mini cupcake.

-> New York Cheesecake Again if you dont like cheesecakes dont go for this option as you might feel its sticky and not worth. But for cheesecake lovers like me LSD is a great place to have cheesecakes at. Made from whicte chocolate and cheese this one is worth trying.

-> KitKat Brownie You may surely try this as this was made of chocolate with a kitkat over it with the presentation of chocolate sauce over it pacled in a small plastic container to make it look presentable. Worth trying as many of us are Brownie Lovers

-> Chocolate Shake Something i would recommend to go for in terms of shakes here. The chocolate overloaded and oreo shake are mostly one and the same in terms of taste. Chocolate lovers may go for any of this.

-> Red Velvet Shake Tasted much like the strawberry and not that worth trying. Improvement needed in terms of preparation here.

The service here was a bit slow as the person was managing the whole shop single handedly due to absence of staff and lot of online orders

I would surely recommend you to try
-> Red Velvet Cheesecake
-> Mini Cupcakes
-> Chocolate Shake
-> Macaroons

Rating :
Ambience – 4.7 / 5

Taste of desserts – 4 / 5

Service – 4.5 / 5

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