Oasis Desserts (Matunga East)

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Desserts are the best part of the meal ! It relieves stress , satisfies taste buds if made with love and perfection !

Okay so on saturday i visited OASISS DESSERTS Matunga Branch


Starting with the ambienceThe place was comfortable but on weekends there is quite rush there and the seating tables are only 4 chairs available with 2 tables ! There are extra chairs outside the outlet to sit and relax. There was lil space constraint but i felt comfortable over there as the service was fast


The ambience was very very pretty . The walls were beautifully designed with the desserts quotes and the colours on the walls were pretty attractive.


So Lets talk about the desserts there
I tried the special mango menu there in which i tried :
1) Mango Maharaja : It consisted The tasty and cold Mango Icecream , Vanilla Whipped Cream and The king of all fruits : Mango pieces. It was layered beautifully and tasted very well . It was the first thing i tried and felt very tasty so tried many other mango items there.


2) Choco Mango waffle : Made with perfection it consisted the crispy waffle , having the layer of nutella chocolate and over it were the mango pieces! The taste of mango pieces was going perfectly with the nutella chocolate. It really stole my heart . Will surely try again on my next visit.


3) Mango Shake : The taste of the mango shake was not too sweet . It tasted really like a pure mango milkshake made with mangoes. Not much to say about this as i was mad for this taste.


4) Mango popsicle : It was made of the Mango icecream and for the toppings there were many options, first i selected the layer of dark chocolate (there were 2 options : dark chocolate or white chocolate) then in toppings i seleced
i) Red velvet crush of the cube
ii) Cadbury gems
iii) White choco chips
And finally after the toppings there was a sweet white chocolate drizzle which made it look attractive and tasted delicious
It was perfectly made by the person there!

5) Mango detox icecream with rainbow cone : Oh god ! Going oasis dessert and not trying the ice cream is no less then a sin! There are 2 main ice cream famous there
i) Cookie Monster Ice cream with charcoal black Cone
ii) Mango detox ice cream with Rainbow Cone
I tried the second icecream as it looked quite attractive .
Whenever you visit oasiss dessert and wana try any ice cream; try it in double scoop as it gives more satisfaction and makes it feel perfect
The Scoop of Mango detox icecream was good and was above expectations
The cone had a good crisp and was multicoloured as in the pic . Please do check all pics for the imagination of the desserts


Out of the Mango menu i tried

6) Banarasiya Paan shake : The Banarasiya Paan shake which is named perfectly with its taste . It was made with perfection but but i felt it a little more weet then expected. Not much to say about the paan shake as it tasted perfectly only a lil much sweet then ecpected. It was of lightish green colour in the plastic glass with great quantity and worth the money.


The only thing oasiss dessert needs imporvement is to maintain the sweetness in its desserrts and shakes. I tried all these things at the Oasiss Desserts and it fulfilled my expectations in terms of sweetness and service.

Also the fire safety here is not needed as all the products are made at the main factory at Sion and then delivered in all the branches so that there is no risk of fire!

And atleast they have seating space for 4 people with extra chairs outside which is really appreciated as outlets like dairy don , baskin robbin , hangouts dont have seating for 1 person too!

What i recommend :
i) Maharaja from the special mango menu
ii) Choco Mango waffle (the best)
iii) Mango Popsicle
iv) Cookie Monster Charcoal Icecream

Pros :
Great ambience and beautiful interiors
Fast service with perfection
Atleast they have seating for 4 people with some extra chairs outside the outlet

Cons :
Space constraints inside on weekends

Ratings :
Ambience – 5 / 5
Taste – 4.5 / 5
Service – 4.7 / 5

Overall Rating : 4.8 / 5.

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Some additional pics !

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