Hitchki – A Renowned place at BKC !

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Visit HITCHKI for some exotic interiors and good food

One of the most renowned place at BKC
Easy to locate via Google Maps, this place is at G Block, International Financial Centre.

They also give valet services for car parking

Starting with the Ambience:

A pretty beautiful ambience with nice interiors decorated and maintained well clean and fresh.
Staff was pretty humble and tried to give their best hospitality

I was Served :

-> Lemon Ice Tea – Everyone knows this refreshing drink. Here also i tried the most basic drink and i felt this was little average. It lacked that taste and chatpata mint flavour which mostly lemon ice tea has.

-> Riche Rich – Perfect drink to try in mocktails. Made with guava juice, strawberry and sweet lime it tasted perfect but it contained a bit guava juice more then other flavour. But it was tasty and nicely presented and served chilled

-> Minions – The name is cute to hear and the drink is sweet to taste. I felt the taste was more kind of musk melon. It contained watermelon and guava juice which mixed and tasted like musk melon. It was presented nicely in a glass with a watermelon piece on it.

-> Crispy Chicken Khurrana – Quite dangerous name but great to taste. Presented in a Mug with around 8 pieces of chicken balls served with coriander chutney, it tasted delicious with perfect blend of spices in it. I felt a salt bit less. And it wont taste good if didn’t served hot.

->Bhut Jolokia Wings and Rings – This dish hade some 5 chicken wings made with bhut Jolokia sauce and with crispy Onion Rings with the wings. At start was sweet to taste and later it turns out to be spicy. The presentation was looking good and the taste was also perfect due to the spices used in the wings.

“Main Course”
-> Chow Mein – In Chow Mein there are various options to try from i.e Veg, Chicken or Egg. They also gives an option of Fried Rice or Noodles. They also serves 3 types of gravy in these options.I tried Chicken Fried Rice and Chicken Chilly Garlic Gravy. The Fried rice were delicious but as they are quite common there isnt much to review in fried rice. They need to improve the quantity a bit in this dish.

-> Paneer Lasagne RataToutille – It had 3 thick sheets of Paneer containing Kadai Sabzi in between the sheets served with hot cheese garlic naan. The sheets of paneer were basic but the sabzi made it taste wonderful. The presentation was made to its best by the chef there and was worth trying.

-> Baratiyo Ka Swagat – A Pan flavoured Dessert served along with Dutch Truffle and with candy floss. It was presented beautifully with truffle, candy floss, and pieces of hazelnut but the taste was not that good as expected. For those who love pan and dutch truffle they may go for this option but for those who dont like pan may not try this as it may ruin the taste of previous yummy food

-> Hazelnut Creme Bru Le Le – Served in a plate having nutella and hazelnut creme with lots of hazelnuts sprinkled over it and with some pieces of torched sugar, this dessert is worth the taste and money. It didnt tasted much like nutella because of hazelnut but it was perfectly sweet and delicious!

The service was bit slow as the dishes took time to prepare but the hospitality was great.

Food – 4.5 / 5
Service and hospitality – 4.7 / 5
Ambience – 5 / 5

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