Icecream Rolls Heaven at Versova!

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Rolls Royale!

An Icecream Parlour which serves many different-different types of
-> Icecream Rolls
-> Milkshakes
-> Icecream Frappe
-> Pastries and Cakes
-> Freakshake

Located at Versova near Panch Marg, easily locatable via Google Maps, it’s a small outlet with some tables and chairs to have icecream rolls and their special freaky tub.

Recently had this all :

1} Chocolate Brownie Rolls – Made with some pieces of chocolate browNie on a metal pan with some amount of milk, this is their personal favourite and they recommended me to try this icecream roll. Chocolate Brownie roll was mostly like a brownie icecream in shaoes of roll with a piece of chocolate brownie over it and with some Hershey’s syrup.

2} Butterscotch Rolls – Made with milk and Butterscotch flavouring same on metal pan its for those who loves Butterscotch. Topped with some Butterscotch beads and some caramel over the cream, the roll was really delicious.

3} Kiwi Blackcurrent RollsThey are quite famous for their Kiwi rolls and the Blackcurrant Rolls so i thought to have an amazing combination of them i.e KiwiCurrant Rolls ;). Made of some pieces of kiwi and syrup of blackcurrent topped with kiwi this is really worth trying.

4} Oreo Icecream Frappe – Made of crushed oreo’s by making their icecream with some milkshake of oreo biscuits with overloaded whipped cream over and topped with a oreo biscuits and Chocolate syrup by Hershey, it was beautifully presented and was really worth in terms of taste

5) Freaky Tub – Rolls Royale is most famous for their Freaky Tub. Made from some chocolate shake with the sprinkles over the side of the jar with double layered whipped cream, chocolate brownie and oreo biscuits and choco chips, this Freaky Tub was really very very heavy and tasty. A single person cant finish this alone unless he/she have very big appetite ;). Really this sis worth trying and worth the money.

They aslo serve different kind of milkshakes and other rolls also. Do try their personal recommendations to have a lot of combination of love n icecream..

A Heaven for icecream Lovers!

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