Genuine Broadster Chicken (Versova)

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A great place to have chicken in a cozy ambience

I tried :

1) Veg BBQ NachosL

2) Chicken Wings

3) Watermelon Local Refresher

4) Palang Tod

5) Mac N Cheese Sticks

6) Chulbul Soda

7) Lamb Rogan Josh Burger , Mac N Cheese Burger

8) Walnut Brownie with icecream

9) Salted Caramel Choco Lava Cake

10) Chocolate samosa with mango icecream (tasty❤❤❤)

Review : Veg BBQ nachos tasted perfectly with the sauces and olives , no improvement needed for nachos it was at its best. The chicken wings were soft and fresh and were served at its best way. A great hospitality offered and with fast service . The watermelon local refresher tasted a lil much sweeter then expected . Lil improvement needed in this drink . The palang tod which was made of Redbull and Espresso made it a perfect combo to try in drinks. Mac and cheese sticks included a cheese bit more which made it taste cheesy and better. The chulbul soda was not much great like it was on an average drink but trying that too was nice. The two burgers : Lamb Rogan Josh Burger and Mac n Cheese Burger were arranged perfectly with a mug of some crispy french fries and tasted at its best. In the desserts were salted caramel chocolava cake which was more better then other places and tasted very sweet and the walnut brownie was soft and served with ice cream which made it taste better. The chocolate samosa served with the mango icecream was a perfect combination – The hot chocolate samosas served with chilled mango ice cream was one of the best dessert here ! Amazing hospitality recieved from the staff here.
The interiors were amazing and playlist was also perfectly matched .

They also had a well developed fire extinguisher system with 2 or more fire extinguishers in working conditions filled with gas . All the precautions for safety were also taken great care of.

Truly a great place to visit

Ratings :

Ambience : 4.5 / 5

Food Taste : 4.8 / 5

Service : 5 / 5

Safety : 5 / 5

Overall Rating : 4.7 / 5

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