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A place located at Khar West near Khar Road Station which is very easy to locate via Google map.

This place serves European and Italian Cuisine.

Starting with the Ambience

Pranzi have an amazing ambience with beautiful interiors and wallpapers which are quite comfortable and gives a cozy surrounding

The place is clean and well maintained by the manger and staff there.

The service they provide is fast and good enough to enjoy your food without stopping your hands while eating

Dishes I tried –

Mocktails –
Twist Berry : A great mocktail to start your lunch or dinner with! It gives taste of Blueberry crush and lime juice and a bit also of cranberry juice. It was a bit tangy then expected but gave a good taste on the taste buds

Green Appletini : Made of green apple extract, pinapple juice and orange juice this mocktail also gave the tangy flavour of fresh lime

Small Plates –
Chicken Shish Taouk : Fresh Chicken grilled and served with cucumber, labneh (greek youghurt) and taboulehh (finely chopped veg salad) the pieces of chicken were perfectly made with spices and were tasting delicious

Pizza –
Chicken Mexicana : Not much to review in pizza , huge in size, made of minced chicken on a thin crust pizza bread with jalpenos, chilli lime mayonnaise , there were 8 slices of pizza which were enough to eat. A bit of crisp was missing but overall it was quite tasty

Sizzler –
Stuff Chicken Breast with Cheese & Mushroom : The spices used in this sizzler were toooo goood. After having the huge pizza there wasnt much space left in stomach, still ate the sizzler as it tasted amazing. Some huge oieces of chicken with some rice and Mash potato , the sizzler served was a delish to try.

Milkshakes –
Oreo Shake : Oreo Shake was something which didnt fulfilled the expectations here! the thickness here was missing as a shake. I was made perfectly sweet and with crushed oreos over it but if it would be more thick i would give a 5* to oreo shake.

Dessert –
Ecuadorian Chocolate Truffle with and Cream Cheese Icing : A perfect dessert to complete the meal with! : Chocolate trufffle tastes too good here! I dont need much review as it was perfect in taste and persented beautifully that after eating you will feel like you destructed a nice presentation

I would recommend trying
->Twist Berry in mocktails
-> Chicken Shish Taouk in Small plates
-> Chicken Mexicana (but you will be full so wont b able to try more)
->Sizzlers are overall good you can try any from their recommendation too
-> Chocolate Truffle

Food : 4.7 / 5
Service 5 / 5
Ambience and comfort : 5 / 5

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