10 most nutritious fruits for our diet!

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Do you want another reason to go to the fair or the market? We’ll give you 10! Far beyond delicious and natural foods, fruits are rich in several nutrients that offer incredible and essential benefits for the body, when the goal is to achieve the long-dreamed quality of life. For this reason, I have prepared a list of the 10 most consumed regional fruits in and their main actions for our health.

In addition to all the nutritional factors, contrary to what many think, fruits help a lot in the most effective weight loss diets, since they reduce the desire to eat sweets. “Fruits tend to be low in calories, especially those rich in water. A cup of watermelon, for example, has less than 46 calories.”

That is, as long as there is balance, these foods should always be part of a food routine. Three servings a day is enough to guarantee the necessary nutrients to keep our health and weight up to date.

Give preference to organic fruits
A study presented by the Rodale Institute – an American organization dedicated to research on best agricultural practices – confirmed in the report “The Farming System Trial”, the superiority of the organic system in relation to foods manufactured with artificial techniques and products. “For soil health alone, organic agriculture is more sustainable than conventional agriculture. When considering production, economic viability, energy consumption and human health, it is clear that organic agriculture is sustainable, while current conventional practices are not “, highlights the institute on its official page.

See the top 10 fruits for your diet
Banana – Rich in vitamins B and C, the most fruit of all contains tryptophan, an element that increases serotonin levels, controlling the desire for sweets. “Bananas, which many believe to have a lot of calories, offer a very reasonable number: a large unit provides only 120 calories. When you need (or want) to lose weight, exchanging a box of candy for a sweet and juicy fruit can help a lot! “.

How to enjoy the banana in healthy recipes?
Banana cake, banana pie, banana smoothie blended, green banana biomass and, for many, banana along with a good plate of rice and beans. The versatility of this fruit is such that the options depend only on the palate. Another important point is that it can be consumed in its entirety, that is, the banana peel can also be used in recipes.

Apple – Helps to keep cholesterol levels stable, as it contains pectin, which makes it difficult to absorb fats and glucose. As it also has a large amount of potassium, it eliminates sodium and excess water retained in the body. In addition, the fruit of the apple tree is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and niacin, as well as mineral salts such as phosphorus and iron.

How to enjoy the apple in healthy recipes?
The apple is a fruit very much related to sweets, such as the delicious “love apple”, so popular at parties, but its use can go far beyond that. It can compose incredible salads and even be used in the form of apple cider vinegar, teas or juices.

Watermelon – Super moisturizing, it is made up of more than 80% water, watermelon is one of the fruits that contains more vitamins of the A and B complex, besides promoting a true cleansing both in the intestine and in the stomach.

How to enjoy watermelon in healthy recipes?
Typical tropical fruit, watermelon is widely used in refreshing recipes for summer or times of greater droughts. Whether as juice or even in a tasty popsicle, watermelon ensures hydration and well-being of the body. For diabetic people, a good option is to use watermelon seeds in everyday recipes, as they contribute to regulate the glycemic index.

Avocado – The monounsaturated fat present in this fruit is responsible for raising the good cholesterol in the body. In addition, avocado helps to satisfy hunger and stimulates healing. Because it is rich in vitamin E, it is good for people with cardiovascular diseases and also strengthens the immune system.

How to enjoy avocado in healthy recipes?
Who never delighted in avocado cream or vitamin in childhood? In addition, the fruit can be part of salads, sauces to accompany savory dishes and, of course, in the delicious guacamole, traditional recipe of Mexican cuisine. The avocado seed can also be used in the form of flour or as an extract.
Grapes – Their pomace reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease through the action of resveratrol. Grapes also contain flavonoids, which are antioxidants and fight bad cholesterol.

How to enjoy the grape in healthy recipes?
It can be ruby, Italy, green or purple, the grape is a fruit easily used in cooking. Because it is very delicate, everything will depend on your cultivation. It can be used as whole juices, jellies, jellies or in the form of grape flour. Even good wine can be tasted in a healthy way, as long as there is moderation.


Pear – The fruit is rich in vitamin A, C, B vitamins, fiber and water. It is also a powerful diuretic, combats stomach and intestinal gases and contains only 98 Kcal.

How to enjoy pear in healthy recipes?
Soft and juicy, the pear, for those who need to hold the intestine, can be easily consumed in the full form of juice. It is also widely used in sweets and desserts, such as pies, syrup and jam.

Orange – Very famous for its high content of vitamin C that strengthens the immune system, orange is also rich in many other anticancer compounds.

How to enjoy orange in healthy recipes?
The orange is so powerful that we have to use it until the bagasse. Therefore, one of the most consumed fruits used in recipes is shot. To hydrate, for example, whether in a simple orange juice, with only its own pulp, or combined with other fruits and vegetables (orange juices with carrots and orange with cabbage are very well known), food is an incredible drink. In dishes, on the other hand, oranges are also very popular in salads and even accompanying our dear feijoada.

Melon – Helps to stabilize blood pressure and has high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6-, potassium, niacin, dietary fiber, and folic acid.

How to enjoy melon in healthy recipes?
Widely used for breakfast, melon is a functional food, so it fits well with all meals. For lunch, for example, you can accompany salads. Melon juice is also a great hydration alternative for those who want to lose weight. Like most fruits, melon seeds can also be used in everyday recipes.

Strawberry – Rich in antioxidants, the strawberry is still a friend of the heart, as it also contains anthocyanins. In addition, it has few calories (about 4kcal per unit) and slows aging.

How to enjoy strawberry in healthy recipes?
Extremely delicate, the strawberry is part of the most delicious and tasty desserts. Pies, cakes, ice cream, chocolate mousse … Just find and choose the healthiest side dishes, which this fruit combines with almost all sweet recipes. However, it can also spice up savory dishes, such as salads and even a souffle. To hydrate, the frozen strawberry pulp can be used as a potent red juice, accompanied by other red berries (blackberry, cherry, blueberry, etc.).

Pineapple – Rich in bromelains, pineapple aids in digestion, especially of proteins, in addition to having a powerful healing effect. It also contains few calories and a lot of water in its composition.

How to enjoy pineapple in healthy recipes?
Another very tropical fruit, pineapple is also used in summer recipes, lighter and more refreshing. Pineapple desserts, for example, are very popular in hot seasons. Try the pineapple baked with cinnamon or lemon zest … Delight! The pineapple drink is also very popular, especially for those who love a good detox juice.
10 most nutritious fruits for our diet!

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