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Improve the nutritional value in your meals

1 Mins read
gouris goodie

Improve the nutritional value in your meals

So, since there is a lot of information there about coronavirus i.e the Novel CoVid-19 virus, the government declared the lockdown till 14th of April 2020. This is really a long time and a boring one as well, like someone who loves to just move out of the house ever single day can’t be seated at home for 21 days!

But there’s no other option and here health and nutrition comes n plays a very important role in terms of immunity in terms of health and hygiene and in terms of personality as well
In this quarantine, boring mood, sleeping all day leading to a lot of issues related to health like lethargy and using mobile the whole day, consuming content on the internet, watching TV whole day and everything else which is not a good sign in terms of health.

Here, I just wanted to be healthy and consume nutritious food. The Gouri’s Goodies was a perfect solution for it.
A wide variety of products available which are highly nutritious at Gouri’s Goodies which comes in a good number of options.

The Rice Cereal power was an epic one to try. It can be consumed with a high variety of options, i would recommend to try it during the lunch with milk or with a cup of yoghurt. Good and natural nutritious food which is heavy and healthy.

They even have the energy bars called as Gouri’s Natural Energy Bar, in three different flavours namely Palm and Jaggery,  Oats and Almond & Dates and Chia. Highly nutritious, can be consumed any time of the day, long sustained energy which helps you to be more active throughout the day (atleast during the lockdown).

And then on the go, a box of assorted energy bites or the wholesome goodies. In assorted variety of flavours they have
● Milk Chocolate
● Orange Dark
● Palm & Jaggery
● Dates & Chia
● Oats & Almonds


Order a box of nutrition for you from the website today!

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