Sunday was better with Whatta Waffle

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Previously Sundays used to be enjoyable but nowadays they are so boring. Staying at home the whole day, scrolling on instagram, playing games, and passing the day on. This Sunday was almost similar but Whatta Waffle made this sunday more interesting.

Whatta Waffle - Voracious Blogger

Whatta Waffle, located in Versova just near the Versova metro station, they serve some delicious waffles and even the mighty waffle pizza. This was a unique concept so I thought to give it a try.
As i entered the outlet, the manager greeted us. The place is quite chilling and there’s enough space for at least 10 people to accommodate.
They give sanitizer before starting off, which was the point i liked.

Ambience Whatta Waffle - Voracious Blogger

They serve American Pancakes, Variety of shakes and thirst quenchers, legendary waffles and the mighty waffle pizza with good options in flavours.

So i started with snickers shake, thick and good in consistency, this was unique and was calibrating the taste of snickers Cadbury.

Whatta Waffle - Voracious Blogger

The berrylicious shake being common, still i liked it here as it was perfect in sweetness. Good option to try in shakes is the snickers shake for sure.


Waffle Pizza being the unique dish here, i thought to give it a try. Unluckily they were not those golden crispy as written in their menu. The toppings were perfect and extra cheese gave them the enhancement to the overall presentation.

Waffle pizza - Voracious Blogger

The person suggested me to try the pancakes. I tried the kitkat mini pancakes. These were perfect with balancing the presentation by a kitkat piece on the top of it. Those 6 pieces were really heavy and worth trying.

I would surely recommend you to try their pancakes and their snickers shake.

They have even started delivering via Zomato, and the delivery packaging is exceptional.

Whatta Waffle! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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