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Old is Gold – Shalimar, Mumbai

1 Mins read
shalimar jogeshwari - voracious blogger

Old is Gold – Shalimar

Shalimar being one of the oldest restaurant in Mumbai. I used to love their Mumbai branch and came to know they have newly opened in Jogeshwari.
Located in jogeshwari, shalimar specializes in serving some lip smacking and variety of mughlai food and some good Chinese food.
They are very well known for their Tandoori Chicken everywhere
They even have the special catering service for parties and weddings

I tried :
Chicken Cheesy Kebabs : Huge 4 pieces of chicken with the spicy masalas along with cheese stuffed in ir, served along with some basic salad. This appetizer is highly recommended if you are someone who can have cheese along with chicken.shalimar jogeshwari - voracious bloggerChicken Kimchi Dry : This was a chinese starter, served along with the basic salad as well. Small but many pieces of chicken which are tossed in the sweet ____ sauce is served. If you like the chinese food you can try this option as well.Butter Chicken – This dish is something Shalimar is most famous for since their beginning. I tried this Butter Chicken along with some tandoori paratha which were perfect as recommended. The sweetness of butter chicken along with the spices giving it a balance with the charcoal taste making it really delicious❤️Chicken Fried Rice – This one is the most basic chinese rice but the highly recommended one. Good enough in quantity and was sufficient between 2 people.fried rice - shalimar jogeshwariShalimar Falooda – Finally the precious time i.e the dessert time and Shalimar in this is real heaven. They have a huge dessert section but the faloodas here are highly recommended here. The big glass with all the ingredients of falooda infused in it with a palatable sweetness along with the saffron syrup and a scoop of icecream over it making is pleasant to taste❤️.This is one of my favorite place to have family dinners and a precise location for someone who love faloodas.

Shalimar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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