Bayroute – Palladium

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Bayroute – Palladium
Located at 3rd floor in Palladium, this place serves middle eastern cuisine which is authentic and delicious.
The interiors are well designed, uniqueness in seating, culinary and presentation

Ambience Bayroute PalladiumThe staff is highly known to their menu, having a description of each dish instantly suggesting what to try and why to try ❤️

I tried :
Salted Caramel Baklava Shake : Baklava infused with salted caramel giving a nawabi styled taste. Presented with a small piece of baklava in a unique glass. The bestoption to try here in shakes.

Reyhan : Orange juice with some basil and ice giving it a rich taste with presentation of orange peel with bayroute written on it. This tall glass is a real thirst quencher

Muhammara : A mezze served along with pita breads. It was spicy as was topped with the red peppers, walnuts and some pomegranate molasses. A good option to satisfy your spicy cravings anytime.

Bayroute Hummus : Classic dish of all time. Signature creamy hummus served along with pita breads with a creamy swirl on the top of it, with some spinkled sesame. The best option to try in hummus for sure❤️

Baklava : The most popular dessert right now at Bayroute all over mumbai. A rich dessert from middle east made of filo (a kind of dough) with a lot of nuts held with syrup. Served with rose petals on the top of it , rose with some dry ice giving it that crushing effect. Perfectly sweet in taste.

Baklava Bayroute

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