Time for some lovely shakes by Shakey Wakey

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Shakey Wakey – Oshiwara
At a prime location, expanding at a faster pace, serving some delicious shakes and sundae’s at their outlet

Quick service unless they have a lot of delivery orders. Approx waiting time is around 10 mins

I tried :
Chicken Chipotle Roll : Saucy roll with good quantity of chicken along with ample of chiptole sauce, made perfectly giving a rich taste of the ingredients,❤️

D × B (Watermelon + Strawberry) :A good fusion to try, a bit more of watermelon juice would be appreciated as strawberry and watermelon went good together but it was more on a strawberry side. Still sweet enough and worth giving a try

Turkish Delight ( Anar + Orange ) : Orange was having a perfect balance with anar, though a weird combination but it is good to palate 😍❤️

Caramel Cold Coffee : Common cold coffee with extra ordinary caramel syrup at its side made it a pleasing option to try there

Kitkat Shake : Chocolate shake made of kitkat with a scoop of icecream along with kitkat pieces on it. Quality worth the price

Cookie Crumble : Oreo based sundae. Frozen dessert with a lot of icecreams and chocochips and crumbled oreos over it made it look pleasing as well as a good option to try here

They even have some heavy dose sandwiches im both veg and nonveg 😍❤️Shakey Wakey Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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