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The Most Artistic place to visit in Mumbai.

1 Mins read
clear glass cup with red beverage and strawberries

145, Kalaghoda
The only place which i frequently visit whenever i visit the Kalaghoda Festival

Located at the famous Kalaghoda, Mumbai. This place has classy interiors, well trained staff, lip smacking food and drinks and yes ofcourse, excellent service and hospitality❤️

What all I tried :
Mango Razz – A good option in Mocktail to try here. Slight flavour of Elaichi with fizz and Mango And Raspberries mixed

Ginger Peach Soda – The best option of mocktail to try here. Lemonade with peaches and the fresh mint and ginger taste. Truly loved this one❤️❤️

Tunde Kebab – Super soft 4 pieces of Lucknlw special Tunde Kebab shallow fried served with paratha.

Tandoori Prawns – 6 large sized prawns served with upma and spiced hummus. Placed in the healthy menu. Those were really the best starters to try out there?

TD Chicken with Chipotle Slider – Kind of mini burgers served in black coloured (charcoal) buns. 4 pieces served in good quantity of chicken served.

Grilled Fish – Fresh and lovely grilled Rawas fish served with some veggies. The fish will almost fill your stomach and will give you the satisfaction ❤️

Butter Chicken Bunny Chow – Butter chicken served in a bun. Good presentation and taste as well as the quantity.

Mango Freakshake- The heaven of freakshakes is here. Their special summer menu had this lovely freakshake. A huge glass of mango milkshake with a lot of whipped cream topped with a drizzle of mango syrup and pieces of Alphonso Mango with a yellow candy floss over it. (And here you will end up your meal for sure?)

Four Layered Chocolate Bomb – 4 differently layered chocolate bomb served with chocolate sauce. The presentation was good enough with proper icing done. The taste was also good as it was chocolate ?

145 Kala Ghoda Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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