Here comes Coffee By Di Bella with their Exclusive outlets

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Coffee By Di Bella Exclusive , Malad West.

Recently Coffee by di Bella have came up with couple of Exclusive outlets around Mumbai.
I visited the one located at Malad West at Evershine Nagar.

So starting with the Ambience :
Exclusive outlet have some beautiful interiors with comfortable chairs and Sofa’s. There are also a couple of typical royal chairs which are perfect to have a seat at. Coffee By Di Bella maintains its place well irrespective of outlets and the space, they are always clean and aromatic.

Service :
The Management was at their best in terms of service. The person serving us was humble and tried to do his best. No doubt once again believed, coffee by di bella is one of the best in terms of service.

So lets have a glimpse at food

-> Rose Cappuccino A Cappuccino at Coffee By Di Bella is something which u cant resist. Mostly people visit coffee by di bella for their special servings in coffee. A Cappuccino made with love presented with mini hearts and some rose petals along with sugar and a toast which is even worth of pic as well as taste.

-> Piri Piri Chicken pizza Made of Spiced Piri Piri Chicken and Cheese pizza served was of 12″ which was enough for 2 people at a time. It was good in taste but i felt its little overpriced. Nothing much to say for the pizza as there was nothinh much special. Just a pizza with perfect spices and piri piri chicken and Cheese.

-> Egg ShakshukaIf u are an egg lover, go for this option. Made in a pan with base of tomato sauce with a layer of double half fry eggs and a garlic bread, this dish is loveable and if you are not a vegetarian just go for this !

-> French Onion Grilled CheeseMade of Caramalized onion and Cheese grilled & sandwiched in a brioche (a kind of a bit sweet bread originated in france) Served along with french fries, tomato ketchup and some salad, its a must try for sandwich lovers.

-> Chia Berry Bowl JUST GO AHEAD AND TRY THIS! The reason i mentioned this in block letters is if you ignore this bowl then you wont have fun there. Made of fresh greek yoghurt with pumpkin seeds, pomegranate and “Chia” (specie of mint family) this was beyond expectation and tasted excellent.

-> Banana Nutella Icecream Crossiant – Made in a Butter Crossiant with some scoops of vanilla icecream and fresh bananas with a lot of nutella with hazelnuts sprinkled over it, this crossiant you wont find at any other place then coffee by di bella . Do try this if you are a sweet tooth.

Overall ratings
Food : 4.6 / 5
Service : 5 / 5
Ambience and comfort : 5 / 5

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