Bayroute – The luxurious dining experience

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While scrolling down on google, searching places which were worth visiting with different cuisine and giving a try, a name popped out “Bayroute”.
They have multiple outlets in mumbai, all are of the same class ambience and satisfactory service❤️

I thought to visit their juhu outlet as it was convenient for me.
Highly suggested to book a table for your visit, it is always almost full.

Their luxury props, classy ambience, well managed staff for perfect service are the key points to visit them.

They greeted me with a warm welcome.
Got a table quickly and luckily. The staff served us some cold water which helped us regain state of mind in this warm weather of Mumbai.
They have a vast menu which majorly serves Lebanese and Egyptian cuisine and are kind of unique in Mumbai.

I started with mocktail “Reyhan”. A tangy cocktail with a fusion of orange juice and basil with some ice to give a chilling view. The start was perfect.


Then moved to “Salted Caramel Baklava Shake. This was of milk base with contents of baklava in it crused and used to make a perfect thick shake along with a piece of baklava to give a perfect presentation.


I headed on to try “Muhammara”. Mild spicy topped with pomegranate molasses, walnuts, red chillies and some red pepper as a extra hint of spice. Served along with pita bread it really gives thst gustatory feeling to eat that all❤

Bayroute The Luxury Dining Experience

The best part of my meal was the “Bayroute Manakeesh”. 12 pieces with 4 different flavours (3 piece each flavour), named Zataar, Labneh Sebze, Harissa and Nutella. This is definitely worth trying and quantity is also enough.

Bayroute The Luxury Dining Experience

“Beetroot Borani”, a very unique name in mezze section is a perfect one to give it a try. Served along with the pita bread this seem to be perfect balance in terms of spice, quantity, consistency and other parameters as well❤️

Then i headed on to my favorite section of desserts.
Here i tried the famous “Baklava”. A special dessert which is served with a lot if irani pistachios with the thick gulkand to keep them joined. It is then given a pleasing rose sprinkle along with dry ice to give it a special taste and presentation. One of the most trending and worth dessert here.

Bayroute The Luxury Dining Experience

Then i ended with Lotus Drama, considered as a lavish dessert with a scoop of icecream and the delicious lotus biscuit, this is then drizzled with hot caramel sauce giving it a rich taste. I would highly recommend you to try this dessert if you’d be able to grasp this sweetness❤️

Bayroute The Luxury Dining Experience

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