Best street food in Mumbai

Best Street Food in Mumbai

Exploring the Best Street Food in Mumbai: A Food Blogger’s Top Picks Hey there, fellow food lovers! If you’re on the hunt for the best street food in Mumbai, you’re in the right place. I’ve roamed the streets of this vibrant city to bring you my top recommendations. Let’s dive into the delicious world of … Read More

Sugar Daddy – Bandra

Sugar Daddy Bandra Sugar Daddy, a new restaurant in Bandra. Ambience: As we enter the place, we saw baby pink couch cushions, flower arrangements on the walls, and neon pink lights with the words ‘Sugar Daddy’ on them. Comprising various spots for boomerangs, selfies, portraits, there’s more to it. Serving a fine continental cuisine with … Read More

Top 5 restaurants with sunset view in Mumbai

Here are top 5 restaurants with sunset view in Mumbai 1. Razzberry Rhinoceros – Juhu Sitting on a chair in the open air with a slice of pizza in one hand and a drink on another with a mesmerizing sunset view in Juhu is something that Razzberry Rhinoceros makes possible for us to do. With … Read More

10 nutritious fruits to consume this winter

10 most nutritious fruits for our diet!

Do you want another reason to go to the fair or the market? We’ll give you 10! Far beyond delicious and natural foods, fruits are rich in several nutrients that offer incredible and essential benefits for the body, when the goal is to achieve the long-dreamed quality of life. For this reason, I have prepared … Read More

gouris goodie

Improve the nutritional value in your meals

Improve the nutritional value in your meals So, since there is a lot of information there about coronavirus i.e the Novel CoVid-19 virus, the government declared the lockdown till 14th of April 2020. This is really a long time and a boring one as well, like someone who loves to just move out of the … Read More

boho bar kitchen

Boho – Bar & Kitchen

Boho – Bar and KitchenLocated at Goregaon near the SV Road. A place with a lot of traffic obviously but after all of the patience and extremities i reached there finallySo starting up, the ambience was just FABULOUS,My visit was on the day of Tuesday, such a random weekday and here we got surpirsed by … Read More


Can’t Stop Playing – Smaaash !

Smaaash – Ghatkopar A place with a variety of games with a lot of much more attractive food. They have a huge sports bar along with some good delicacies to try on. The games were perfect, loved the bowling and VR Games there In food, I tried : Chicken Tikka – Big pieces of chicken, … Read More

the game

Games + Food? – The Game

The Game – Atria Mall, Worli A fantasizing place with a huge variety of various games like the VR Games, Vending Games, Arcade Games, Bowling, Cricket and a lot more I visited this place just to give out VR Games a try. The experience was really fantastic and it was like having real world in … Read More

Mostly Grills - The Orchid Hotel.

A new favourite in rooftop restaurants ❤️

Mostly Grills – The Orchid Hotel. Located at the top floor of the orchid hotel, this place is a open rooftop outlet with a beautiful view to the airport on one side and a pool on the other side. The quality of the food here is high quality and the pricing are high as well. … Read More

invincible bandra

Invincible – Bandra

Invincible – Located in bandra west at a really amazing location at hill road. I visited during the Christmas night where i expected this place to be full or atleast some people to be there. The place was empty, some people entered but left very soon The manager was not that attentive. The staff helped … Read More